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Romantic Stories


Fred knew he'd need to enlist the help of his father-in-law-to-be in order to carry out his plan to present Mary with a diamond engagement ring. Fred and George discussed the role that each would play and the plan was set in motion.

Fred had himself encased in a square wooden crate at George's carpentry shop. Small air holes were drilled in the side of the box so Fred could secretly look out without anyone else being able to see in.

After renting a questionable-looking old truck, Fred hired a couple of men to deliver the wooden crate laden with official stamps and addresses to Mary's home. Mary's father answered the door and signed for the box, yelling, "Mary, there's a box out here for you. What in the heck did you buy now?"

Everyone was saying, "What is it?" "Why don't you open it?" "Hurry up!" until finally George said, "Let me get a hammer and some tools and let's see what's in here."

Excitement levels ran high, particularly for Mary, her mother